Spring Time In Marrakech

One of my best friends moved to Marrakech a few years back and it took me a few years more to finally make the trip to see her. Marrakech reminds me of Lagos with its bustle, intrepid heat, even in their spring the heat is crazy, its busy and full of everything. Pulsing all day and moving all night. The medina is push and pull, colourful with wares and an Aladdin cave of wonder… cliched analogy, I know, but it reminded me of going to the market with my mom as a little girl; everything is up for a bargain. What I loved a lot about Marrakech, besides the vibe, is the people; open and welcoming, it felt familiar to be among them. A labyrinth of alleyways that lead to the most beautiful of squares and wonderful of discoveries. Not a boring moment to be had, the sunrises are enchanting and sunset most beguiling, vivid blue skies. It gets you, from the moment you touch down, Marrakech reaches out and touches you in the most affectionate of ways. From the souks to the cafés, the alleyways to the rooftops, it’s people watching, eating the best hummus ever, the pies and sweet drinks. You can wander the length and breath of the medina without covering the half of it. I especially love the call to prayer at sunrise something both sacred and especial, that rouses the city as one.

Beautiful, busy and all together glorious. And top that sunset.