Gift Guide For Him

It could be your father, brother, new boyfriend, long time lover… anyone should be honoured to receive one of the gifts from this list. From a lovely tweet jackets to a travelling cocktail kit every single one is a gift from the heart.

  1. Slippers, plush lovely warm slippers to caress the soles of their feet and warm their souls. Too much? Ok, just go get them these. By UGGs so its a no brainer and a winner all in one. On sale  50
  2. I want this. I really want this, its the chicest gift for anyone ever really so its not limited to the guys its for all. Its true, pen to paper is a disappearing art and I appreciate the time and effort put into creating this pencil case and set from Ystudio. On sale at Mr Porter or studio website
  3. Just like that, out of nowhere Aspinal has risen to the ranks it once held in the past with its refresh of the sort. This weekend bag is a reflection of that and its another super luxe item for a weekend getaway. 510
  4. Every year my brother asks me for creed perfume and every year I say a resounding no. This candle from is no cheaper but something about this is both a luxury and a necessity, and one for those moments to one self especially after those long and hard ones. Treating ourselves will become a necessity in the days ahead. So have at this. 85
  5. A history of men’s shoes in book form from the house of Berlutti. Its just it. 50
  6. Every guy should have a Ralph Lauren cable knit jumper thingy in Navy in his wardrobe. Every single man and that should be the law. 65
  7. Another item I absolutely want. This travel cocktail case from Tipplesworth. A divine vintage cocktail luggage that comes complete with recipes you need for a classic and delicious cocktail. 189
  8. Beard removal kit because why not 20
  9. Sometimes its the little things that make the greatest impact. This leather key and card holder is perfectly tin every way. How many times have we wasted minutes outside the door in the freezing cold because we cannot find our keys? Uh huh. 90
  10. Not just for grandpa, something about the Harris Tweed blazer jacket that makes any wardrobe without it incomplete. Its a true classic that has stood the test of time. Sold out but other options here
  11. Because this is the sort of thing that you buy for some guy you know. 16
  12. Socks! A man can never have too many pairs. 169

Happy Christmas to all the men in our lives.