The Holiday Windows- Together We’re Merrier @ Fortnum & Mason

My absolute favourite holiday window has to be from Fortnum & Mason. No bells, no whistles but a simple and powerful message of togetherness, and a subtle reflection of our times and this time of year. Its a story about friendship and historical rivalries set aside to come together and be merry. Its about seeing the good in people and spreading true Christmas spirit. The butcher that cuts up the turkey toasts with him, the wolf and sheep come together in harmony, friends the world apart in these turbulent times don’t go forgotten and seeing the humour and best in everything even when one can’t see the woods for the trees.


The Early Bird and the Night Owl


‘Twas the night before Christmas,

And the morning of it too.

For the Night Owl and the Early Bird,

There was just one thing to do.

The Bull and The China

And from the usually rambunctious bull,

We heard barely a shout,

As he whispered Merry Christmas

And shook hands with the sprout.

The Turkey and The Butcher

They’d never have thought

A team so well matched,

Sharing their first Christmas

With all limbs still attached.

The Wolf & The Sheep

Spreading cheer to all

Except those trying to sleep,

Together in harmony

Sang a wolf & sheep.

The Chef & The Lobster

The chef had the lobster laughing,

Until he was red in the face,

The party now at boiling point,

You could hear from outer space.

The Boy & The Brussel Sprouts

Boing, boing, boing,

Went the boy and his ex-nemesis.

Riding his trusty new steed

Like a green leafy pegasus.

The Polar Bear & The Penguin

Though they were poles apart,

They’d never forget a friend overseas.

A simple gesture that brings us together

In times such as these.

The Tree & The Woodcutter

They laughed in the woods,

No one there to hear it,

Just him and the trees

And some true Christmas spirit.

The End.

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