The Holiday Windows- The Nutcracker @ Liberty London

One of my favourite things to do during the run up to Christmas is go into London to look at the holiday window displays from the big five shops- Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Fortnum & Mason, and sometimes, Liberty. There is something about London during Christmas that makes it feel especial. Even more so for me now that I live outside of, going in is always a real treat, it holds that London something even stronger now and just when she starts to become a little too London, I leave her be and head back to my slice of heaven near the coast. But nowhere does Christmas like London, and nowhere ever could. People are friendlier, a little more patient, grumpy still but none of that matters, not when there is plenty of festive cheer to go round.

And windows! Happy! Jolly! Windows to take our minds off the state of affairs and indulge in the spirit of Christmas all around. First up for me was an unexpected favourite, Liberty’s of London and its rendition of The Nutcracker ballet. It almost made me want to book a ticket to go see the show again because I’d forgotten how magical it truly is.

The thing about Liberty is that it is housed in such an imposing building that the windows almost go overlooked because next to the Tudor exterior, nothing much is needed to speak to the quintessence, and in the grand scheme of the building the windows hardly matters. That said, it was hard to ignored these windows for they are truly magical. It catches the eyes, everyone stops to stare and take pictures, exchange thoughts before being on their merry way. Its a good pause to the day, whatever the time, that five, ten minute break in the hassle is good for the soul.