Gift Guide For The Traveller

I love to travel, as you already know by now per my Instagram feed. I loved the journey of the unknown world, far and away or right on my doorstep in Europe. Earlier this year I was fortunate to go to Cuba, a long time bucket list of mine, a land of the unknown until you peel back the layers. It was everything for me and more. Europe is a continent I find most fascinating because of its history, the mesh of cultures and heritage, there can never be enough time to explore and the world out there awaits.

As a fan of travel I’ve knocked together some things I think my fellow vagabonds would appreciate under the christmas tree.

  1. The Lonely Planet is my go to for all things travel, they are power house resource and this book is my ultimate planner list because it has everything for the different kind of traveller. Go buy because its true, You Only Live Once 15
  2. Live your best moments and capture them, (that sounded like a fridge magnet moment) but I love, love, LOVE this polaroid camera. Now I am an iPhone nut for convenience reason but I have played around with this camera and its too cute and lovely for words 65
  3. I am a fan of Kikki.K stationery, its all cute and proper; a place and a home for everything and this travel planner in all its detail is exactly what the avid traveller needs to plan out their next jaunt. 24
  4. Every traveller needs a versatile tote to make life easy on the road, something light that you can throw everything in and go, from the beach to the mall to the museum hop and all. 30
  5. Cashmere… there is nothing quite like it, exquisite to touch and lovely on the skin its the ideal travel accessory and I love this face mask and wrap combo from The White Company. Go ahead and pamper yourself because you’ve earned it. 137
  6. Travel tags, because we seem to forget how careless airlines can be with our stuff so please save yourselves the head ache and put a tag on the luggage. 6
  7. I only just came across scratch maps; where have I been all this time?! I love this idea of scratching to discover facts about where you want to be or have been. Amazing concept. 16
  8. Travel organisation is a real struggle sometimes. I should know because I am a last minute traveller who packs the night before and can hardly find my passport this Fabriano organiser is just the things I need. For all my receipts and passport, tickets, boarding pass, etc. 130
  9. Because every traveller worth her salt needs a good luggage and BRIC is it, in my opinion. Invest in some. 373
  10. Cocktails in the air because sometime a girl just has to mix her own damn cocktail. These kits are the ideal jaunt jam. 25
  11. For dirty weekends away, get a weekend holdall. For quick trips with the girls, get a weekend holdall. For staycation at a hotel, get a weekend bag. All in all get a weekend  bag.
  12. Erno Lazlo jetsetter collection is everything we need for a trip, from moisturisers to cleaners, masks to oils, its an exquisite collection to have. 73

Go forth and explore.