Gift Guide For The Bookworm

Giving the gift of a good book is one of life’s best pleasures; everyone should read a book, it never hurts to have some knowledge, and it definitely never hurts to get lost in a  good story because goodness knows we need some of that in our lives with the way of the world today. I love books and so should you.

Here are some options that I think, no, know, would be a great additions to your bookshelf; from history to art, cars to scandal, read and get some happy.

  1. In The Spirit of Harlem a prolific look at the renaissance, one of the richest moments in American history. The vibrancy that sparked an era almost forgotten is brought to life in this beautiful tome. 22
  2. I love the history of Black Americans, its, at its heart, the root to a lot of Black history from the slaves of Africa to the Kings and Queens of the little known kingdoms in the world. This is a history, an education and a celebration of African American history that coincides with the recent opening of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture. 32
  3. Powerful poetry need not bore one and this is certainly not boring. This short work from Warsan Shire is a treat and then some. Its raw and emotional, its stunning and elevating. It stays with you long after you are done, the words linger on and the weight of their emotion wraps itself around you, bidding you never to forget. It’s absolutely brilliant. 4
  4. A celebration of Black cinema this collectors item of a collection of movie posters it tells of the journey of Black cinema, the origin and the side we don’t often see in the mainstream. 45
  5. Of all her works I thought Pride & Prejudice was my favourite until I was convinced to read Persuasion recently, and my mind quickly changed; why yes this is Ms Austen at her very best. These bound versions of her complete works would make a spectacular addition for bookworm’s collection. 65
  6. Its no secret; I’m a huge Harry Potter/JK Rowling fan. The books are fantastic, the films are fantastic, everything about the story of the boy who lived is fantastic. And for any bookish of any age these would be lovely. Even more so are the newly illustrated version in hardback. 15
  7. Another bound of classic selection from F.Scott Fitz, tales of a glittering era and dizzying heights; greed, opulence, wealth by any means necessary, shine, new money and the old, a definition of class amongst the wealthy. Fitz tells tales that are starkly relevant for our time, in his bid to be ahead of his. And he was. Various
  8. The Six O’clock Express, by yours truly. This book was borne from this post I wrote a couple years ago, inspired by this Harrods window, and is now out in paperback. Its a holiday story filled with scandal from the filthy rich of Knightsbridge, the most desirable neighbourhood in London. I hope you’ll enjoy. 6
  9. I love Italy. A deep indescribable love. I love the people, the flavours, the crumble and the art. It has a presence richer than France, and a far more pleasant vibe that I cannot get enough of, so this book is perfect for lovers of travel, but it so much more than that. 36
  10. Visual merchandising is an art all its own and one of the real pleasures of fashion is how it is merchandised, especially the windows of department stores, from there narratives come to life. Much more than it does in the pages of a magazine. This book on the windows of Bergdorf Goodman is a stunning rendition of that art. 32
  11. A masterpiece long gone is immortalised in this book. I love fast cars, but I am not a driver, I am far too impatient to do so. Having worked in Knightsbridge and oogled the many, many sports cars of the filthy rich, its fantastical in one word and quite a spectacle. The Ferrari 275 GTB was one of its kind, produced between 64 and 68 it was a benchmark for the auto industry. This book traces the journey of this auto masterpiece. 39
  12. History, sometimes a subject of contention and at other times, an education, in Black & British, Olusoga explores the back bone of the British Empire and the roles of Black people from the battle of trafalgar to the rise of the empire our prominence is real and deftly represented in one of the most fascinating stories of our times. 7

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