Gift Guide For The Bestie

I love friendships and I take mine seriously. If anything this year has taught me its that a girl could never have enough friends, good times, bad times, hard times, long times… friends are the family we choose to have by our side and because of that we are the luckier for them. Every woman should have a friend she can cry with, get drunk with, eat pastries for dinner with, talk all night on the phone with, take pointless road trips with, go on a life changing journey with, enjoy a marathon of Sound of Music or Harry Potter with- whilst saying every single line, and one she can absolutely do all of the above with. If you have one or all of those friends, they deserve a little something for the holidays from you with love. So here goes.

  1. Alphabet key ring with their initials that doubles as a chain and a charm bracelet. Its cute and necessary just because its friendship. 20
  2. Lightbox. I don’t know when and I don’t know how, but light boxes have suddenly become a thing to have in the home, on your desk, in the kitchen, its an excellent and fun addition to any space. This one from Amazon 19
  3. A woman can never have enough mugs in her kitchen with silly, random and profound sayings. Where else will a girl get her wisdom from besides fridge magnets and mugs? 15
  4. Coffee. Mornings should not start without coffee so kick start early mornings with a nice mug of french press. This super chic press with spout 35
  5. Bottoms up with a delicious bottle of Rose for those nights after long days, to celebrate something or nothing at all. But a good friend never drinks champagne alone. 65
  6. Girls night like back in the old days with a movie projector bottle of bubbly on tap, cup cakes, a snuggle blanket. Let the good times roll 36
  7. One for the road. Kate Spade is one those brands I liken to being best friends, its kitschy and fun, with its sayings and pretty products. For all my issues with their shabby customer service, I still have to hand it to them. 20
  8. In an age of Beats and co, this is pretty and functional and at a fraction of the price too. 85
  9. Because every woman needs to have the glorious scents of Diptyque candles wafting through her house, this is the ultimate luxury- a two hundred pound candle IS a luxury, but if you can afford, and you think bestie is worth it, by all means give her the treat of bliss; a bath, glass of champagne, soft music, see what I did there? 🙂 210
  10. I became a fan of liquid lipsticks a few years back when I started wearing red lipsticks, and haven’t stopped or stopped being a fan, The formula is thick and being liquid makes for a friendlier application. Enough technical talk, these glides from NARS are two of my favourites. 21
  11. We don’t do brooches anymore, they have become a thing of the past, significant with your grandmama, but a good brooch never goes out of style. This one from Marni is a little like Marc Jacobs Daisy but its a pretty one for bestie. 170
  12. An oversized scarf from Zara because winter is finally here, but this is so much more than a scarf, its a companion (I sound like a hallmark card don’t I). In this print she’ll use it again and again and again. 18

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