Postcards From Cuba

Cuba. How I miss thee.

You welcome me like one of your own, with a smile, a laugh, a warm embrace.

The sun tickled my skin glisten and the gentle breeze made me giddy with laughter.

Cuba. You move my heart, reach deep within the soul.

We danced in squares until the small hours and walked the halls of churches with pregnant virgins in Remedios.

We went to bed late filled with laughter, woke up early to chase the sunrise to the sound of music and to make new memories

History awaited us on the road to Sanctus Spiritum as we looked out from the bell tower in Manaca Iznaga to see the slave master’s view.

Along with it, harrowing tales of survival and secrets kept within the hills in the distance.


What they know, what they saw.

We stopped and listened to the stories of the traders that sell their wares on a land that once denied their humanity.

We drove through the winding roads lined by pretty houses on the way to Vinyales.

Marvelled at the pre-historic mural that tells of the land before time.

Walked the busy boulevard to the bay of Cienfuegos.

Amid the throng of a happy crowd and revellers.

Ate in private houses that looked like wedding cakes and cruised around the harbour taking in magnificent views.

Stood in the shadow of the giant that is Che and re-lived his revolution in Santa Clara, a town that waits on no one.

Rugged, unchanged and un-enchanting, but filled with so much history.

Smoked cigars in huts and tempered the flavour with local rum.

Learned about the seasons and how to wrap the perfect cigar.

Woke up and drank rum laced coffee.

We laid on the beach and did nothing in Varadero.

Made footprints in the wet sand on the shore.

We danced and laughed and lived and loved every moment of it.

Oh Cuba… my heart is where you’ll stay.

Always and always.

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