Brunch- Last Days of A Summer That Never Was

When I think of brunch, I think of friendships. Something about brunch says its a meal that is meant to be between friends, boozy, loud, chatty, happy, full of life and loving. Its familiar, a place you come to share the stories you know your mom should never hear, the escapades and shenanigans that make even the crudest of all blush. I love a good brunch, as you know and now that we have come to the end of the summer that never was- seriously Mother Nature, you need to be summoned to the principal’s office and given a good lashing because I am now back to the black of autumn and winter, knowing full well my favourite season, autumn, will go by in a whiz so there’s hardly any point in dressing up for her. But anyways, back to brunch and the summer that never was, as we come to the end of her visit one last brunch was to be had, so I called my girls and hit up my favourite brunch place; Balthazar in Covent Garden, London. There is an old charm to Balthazar you do not get anywhere else. Its like an old Italian family home where you get together for a meal but you end up staying for longer, getting in the way of each other, in each other’s lives, chatting, passing round good food, hashing out old arguments, making up, moving on together, and generally having a grand old time. That’s Balthazar, its not quiet, its not noisy, its simply perfect. Its not closed, its big and open but private enough to be in your own cocoon. Its not pokey but cosy, light and fun, high ceilings, bellinis, and all. Still the best bellinis in town, great steak and eggs, and delicious desserts too. I love everything about dining here and as much as I do, a fair few times, every time is especial.

This time was no different with my two besties I have known well over a decade we span different generations, one is a very hot grandmama, or Nana as she would prefer to be called, with better legs than any twenty year old woman, one is married and one single. We are at different stages in our lives and don’t often see each other as much as we used to, but when we do, its like we never stopped being around each other. The conversation was endless, catching up on lost times, making plans for next time and generally putting the world to right, as we moved on to cocktails and warm donuts on a rooftop bar. Between the three of us the world would be at peace. It is a special bond that I treasure and no matter where we are, how far apart we go, there is something about coming together with these two women that gives me a sense of home. It’s not a feeling I take for granted because such friendships are hard to come by.

And as the summer rounds the bend, I could only think of one place, and two people to spend the season’s end. Cheers.

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