Brunch- Blues In The Summer

Another summer gone way too soon, though we’ve hardly had any of her. July was supposed to be scorching but none of that, August, the traditionally warmest month, has been okay but nothing like it was in the past. Summer? Rather its been summer-ish and a bloody tease which has me singing the blues in a pretty blue dress. I love a pretty dress as you know, my cupboard is brimming with many pretty dresses and for the last couple of summers, as we approach autumn, I look at them and sigh because they look so sad at being unworn. I have a soft spot for the Tory Burch number, I normally find her pieces a little overkill with the sweetness but something about this smacks just right. It’s so simple and pretty perfect for a mid morning big bite and schlep around town. The sunnies and cross body bag are fun additions to the look. But the shoes, can we talk? Let’s talk about sling-backs because its going to take some getting used to, I’ve never been a huge fan of them but for some odd reason, it kinda works with this, it almost feels like it belongs with the dress and with those block heels… don’t get me started- block heels are the ugly step-sister of the ugly step-sisters. But sling-backs remind me of my granny; she was pretty fabulous and stylish and she worked the hell out of a sling-back, but they are still old lady shoes. Who knows? I guess I am coming round to a different kind of thinking. Back to summer, I am not ready to say goodbye just yet, we deserve one last shot of fun in the sun for the simple fact that this year has been so crazy, I want to draw out the good times a moment longer so we’ll do brunch, go window shopping, stop for lunch, catch a movie, cocktails afterwards before hopping on the train home.