Buenos Aires – Steak & The Best Dessert. EVER.

On my way into work, most every morning I walk past a cluster of restaurants in a commercial alleyway with unassuming facades, smack in-between coffee shops and a DIY store, opposite a white wall. Unappealing. That’s often the thing I find wrong about Richmond, it has slowly become a victim of its own independence, so to speak, in a bid to have everything at its doorstep, there is almost no ambience in some areas, except you go to the river but even that has all but lost its appeal. It has the usual suspects- Wagamama, Nandos, GBK, McD’s, Wholefoods of course, in all its overpriced glory, Gauchos, for the more high end pallet and wallet etc. so there is in a sense no real need to venture out of the borough. Nestled in this unappealing, unassuming cluster is a pretty incredible Steak House, two doors down from the DIY store. I should probably let you know that I have a love hate relationship Steak, our moment are few and far between but when they come round its so right I do a little dance. Enter Buenos Aires by way of London, possibly the best steak I have had in ever. Quite possibly. If you ever catch me eating steak, know I’ve been coerced and do this under duress, but I was happy to do this in Buenos Aires, matter of fact, I didn’t need much coaxing after my first bite, because its that pretty damn good. Don’t take my work for it, but do take the word of a visiting Argentinian who proclaimed this to be possibly the best steak he’d had. Ever. He was only visiting London for a week from Buenos Aires, only to find Buenos Aires never let him go.

We’ll start with the ambience; when you walk into the restaurant from its unappealing outside, you are pleasantly surprised at the marked contrast. The restaurant is airy and light and welcoming; from the new parents who simple wanted a day out of the house to the party of ten who’d come for a birthday luncheon, a lone diner, pre theatre couple… everyone. I visited Buenos Aires twice, once to order takeaway and the next day to eat in, I didn’t want to believe the food was as good as it was the first time round. On the wall to the left is an information/education board on different parts of steak and levels of tenderness. Busy as it got, our waitress was attentive and the food came out in good time. The food. Yes, the food. Steak House, steak menu, pretty bang on, but not all steak houses are built equal you know. The steaks in Buenos Aires are cut different to most, comes in all sizes, and the waiters take their time to explain the parts, texture etc. and will cook it however done you want it. Not too long ago, I discovered medium well steak and it has changed my life. Literally. 🙂 In Buenos Aires, a steak is not simply a steak, its something much more, authentic and delicious, full of flavour and tender. The side dishes did not disappoint either, I bit my fingers as I ate the empanadas, and did a little dance. Sorry, I cannot help myself when it comes to good food, you cannot take me anywhere really.

Now to the best of best bit- DESSERT!! You know how I feel about dessert, its the clinching factor in what takes a place from good to very good, to great and then out of this world. And let me tell you, come closer, a little more… I have found possibly THE BEST DESSERT EVER!! E.V.E.R. OMG! OMG!! OMFG!!! The Dulce Del Leche cheesecake is a gift from the gods because I have never tasted anything quite like it, its the right blend of everything, perfectly formed, lovely biscuit base, moist (I really hate that word but its so apt), it fills your mouth and excites your senses, you have to lick your spoon as you eat, oh you will don’t act all stoosh. I like know how to make desserts I’ve enjoyed and most chefs are pretty generous bar the secret ingredients, but I don’t even want to learn how to make this cheesecake, I fear for my behind. Listen, if you do one thing go to Buenos Aires and order this dessert I promise you its heaven on earth, You will never eat anything better. Say I told you so.

Buenos Aires Richmond. 13-19 The Square, The Market, Richmond TW9 1EA +442089403705

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