Ivy Park- Body by Bey

On my bucket list is a body like Beyonce. No joke, no word of a lie, I love Bey’s body and I love the way she loves her body. Nothing about her body is wrong. Hips, an ass that won’t quit, that waist, damnit that waist and the sensuous curve of her back as it swoops upwards. I’d take my tits over hers, but I still maintain Bey’s body is the best on the block. All the A’s.

She works hard for it, makes no secret of it, and I admire her commitment to that. If she can bottle that and sell it, it would sell out like free ice cream on a hot day… is that even the right expression? Alas! the closest thing we have to Bey’s banging bod is Ivy Park her new clothing line of no nonsense active wear for women who are serious about staying fit and strong, health and happiness no matter your body type or shape… yes there are other lines that are dedicated to this, but none come with the cache of Bey. And Nike, your sports bras suck!

Ivy Park takes Beyonce back to where it all started, her dedication to discipline and her aspirations, its more than just a brand, its a story about how to get to where you want to be and the work it takes to get there. The stumbles along the way, and the desire to keep on moving. That place where you find the strength to just keep pushing forward. Its your space and it can be anywhere as long as you are there and at one with it. Its your park. At least that’s what I interpreted from her video.

This is not Bey’s first go on the merry-go-round that is fashion, there was that House of Dereon that did not have a hope in hell even before it took off, let’s not kid ourselves and let’s never mention that again. Ivy Park and Beyonce is another story all together, its more informed, there is a synergy here that feels real and original, its her vibe, her essence, her attitude, and I can imagine her getting show ready in Ivy Park. You see what I did there? The price points are just right, actually better than right they come in cheaper than its other counter parts out there. Its solid not flimsy, and it feels like it means business.

As I said, I want Bey’s body, and I know I am not alone so let’s get in Formation ladies and slay as we hit the our Park because if Bey can…