No. 1 Duke Street- Richmond

The pleasure of somewhere nice to eat is a big deal. The pleasure of finding somewhere nice to eat, close to where you live or work is an even bigger deal. Its one of the reasons why I thoroughly enjoyed dining at No.1 Duke Street. A little neighbourhood spot in Richmond. Its almost like going to a friend’s house to eat, the atmosphere is chill and open and bright. Lots of light, and good use of the space. It doesn’t feel cramped like some restaurants can be, or dark and dingy. Its warm and friendly.

I mean its got an open fireplace and couches, so they obviously don’t want you to leave any time soon. The ambience is laid back, white brick walls, white shelves, wood, flower pots and plants on tables and shelves, and something of shabby chic decor.

The food here is no harm either, actually is pretty good. The signature dish is the Coconut poached chicken salad, I would go as far as calling it the best salad I have ever had, only coming a close second to my mom’s salad- hey when you eat that you’ll understand. But back to No.1 Duke, that salad is the truth. I opted for the Seabass with new potatoes, artichokes and asparagus- which was really good too- but I helped my friend to half his salad and then went back the next day with the sole purpose of having that salad, and I did and it was worth it! I don’t like avocado, and I have no love for chicken breast, yes I am that particular eater, but this was so good I didn’t mind either. It is a generous portion and whatever that yuzu dressing is, its divine. Oh and the bread, I always judge a place by its bread and this was warm and soft and perfect.

Depending on the time of day you visit I would imagine this place gets really packed in the evening and on weekends, we went for lunch and it was still pretty busy but we still had room to breathe and move, and we were a party of thirteen. The mommy and me crowd will own the place most weekends but there is room enough for a lot of people and dining out in the summer months will be very pleasant. Service was really good, the staff was attentive and they managed our party just fine.

One thing I would say however, PLEASE change those godawful benches in the centre table they are not comfortable to sit in. At all. But other than a good place to eat and shoot the breeze.

No1 Duke St. 1a Duke street, Richmond London TW9 1HP. t-0203 841 6898