Brunch- Spring In Our Step

We landed in London Gatwick a mere 24 hours ago, into a bitingly cold, typically grey London day, a shock to the system from sunny Cuba. Spring, how I long for thee. My mind is already fast forward into the season of new beginnings, pastel colours, flowers and freshness and this is my ideal uniform for brunch in Spring time; the shirt dress- I could wear a shirt dress all day everyday if allowed- in gorgeous linen, and that cool blue colour, paired with pretty pinks and a touch of grey, you cannot put a step wrong with this look, its perfect for near enough any and everything running around London, shopping, room for eating belly full and heart happy, catching a play, I don’t see why not or just playing away. The trainer is the comeback kid that could so get in on the action, with retro shades, Karen Walker knows how to make ’em, its easy, simple and cool. One thing that’s missing now is the weather… who do we call?