#NYFW AW’16 An Atmosphere- Tommy Hilfiger

I like a good atmosphere in a fashion show sometimes. I know, I am guilty of belabouring the fact that sometimes too much can be too much when it comes to fashion, and we lose the actual point to be made and taken- the clothes, but sometimes the atmosphere contributes to the feel of the clothes and ties in the whole theme.


The theme at Tommy Hilfiger was pretty obvious nautical, away at sea, on board the Titanic…whatever you want to call it, laced with the forties, my second favourite era of fashion.Here is the thing I admire about Tommy Hilfiger, the brand culture is deeply rooted to pop culture, its not merely a brand of the moment, but Tommy Hilfiger is in the moment, one of those brands that can spin a moment, it doesn’t alway work, but it is more in tune with change and time than most brands out there. It is why it too will be moving ahead of fashion into a more immediate collection where consumers will be able to buy clothes off the runway almost immediately. Seriously, what took it so long? Back to AW ’16, the winning factor for me was the pretty spectacular set- Tommy loves a theme and can work one like no other. For SS ’16 he was all into reggae which felt a little too gimmicky. For AW ’16 he is in familiar ground of nautical, a theme I think he is pretty deft at.

The clothes themselves were no great work of art, they were typically Tommy in Tommy fashion, he does a good Nautical though, he is very true to his Nantucket roots in that sense, but there were some gems in there. His knack of fusing military and nautical provided some real treats, especially with the coats and jackets; that cape is so sick. I love a good dress and Tommy Hilfiger AW ’16 had lots of good dresses. Pretty dresses, lots and lots light and wispy fabrics with nautical prints and dainty Peter Pan collars, the stand out was the leather sailor dress, and the gem encrusted pieces. Something different, yet something so Tommy.

The socks and heels thing though… I don’t know, I really don’t.