The Lazy Girl’s Holiday Gift Guide (2)

I love Christmas, have I told you before? I really love Christmas, everything has a glorious glow to it, everyone is nicer, the air is cleaner, people are friendlier, shoppers are chirpier, and there is that invisible hug of happiness all around. And Christmas Carols and Christmas Movies. Christmas for me has always been about family, my family is huge and every year we come together to celebrate, and give thanks. This year I am especially thankful for my family. We lost our dad two months ago and everything is still settling in, but we will be together this year as always, and celebrate his life. But enough about that, Christmas is also a time for gift giving…duh! Every year unfailingly I start shopping in October but come December I remember some niece, nephew or godchild I’ve forgotten and here comes panic. Thank heavens for online shopping and twenty-four hour shipping; what did we do before that?

Gifting- sugar plum ballerinas series

For the Kids; Books, I love books, like to read them, write them, gift them, all of them. There is no greater pleasure in life than the pleasure of getting lost in a good book. Yes I throw in Ninja Turtles, Captain America, Frozen, Tianna dolls etc but nothing beats the gift of books when it comes to children, especially in today’s digitised world. An especially lovely find for me this year are the Sugar Plum series written by Whoopi Goldberg. My grandmother wrote two books on African folktales for children, published, but now out of circulation. I struggle to find books that are pertinent to growing up in Africa, or for young and black kids, so imagine my happiness when I found these on Amazon. I have bought the set for my goddaughter and all my nieces, because they need something like that. Available Here

Gifting- Tinga tinga

Tinga Tinga Tales, stories about animals in Tinga Tinga; a land of whys. Why the hippo is hairless, why the elephant’s trunk is long, why the tortoise’ shell is cracked, why the lion roars,… why? why? why? why? why? All told by a cheeky little monkey. This takes me to the days of Tales By Moonlight; it is the same premise. Tinga Tinga brings it all back to life. Informative and imaginative. I used to wrestle my nephew for his video until I downloaded my episodes, he is two years old. Fun for all the family. Available Here


For mums, aunts, sisters, besties; Last year I recommended afternoon tea in Claridges, this year let’s head to Fortnum & Mason for a most sumptuous and decadent afternoon tea in the delightful tea salon in a most pleasant setting. And scones, really good scones. It’ll be the best £50 you spend.


For teachers and neighbours; a few weeks ago I popped into Debenhams for gift ideas for our neighbours, and saw these fabulous tins of biscuits, novelty collectors items; routlette table top tins, wall clock tin of cookies, seaside cottage strawberry clotted cream biscuits, story book, post box, music box, amazing, amazing. A-MA-ZING! I bought about six tins only to wonder how i would get them all home from oxford circus. Each tin comes in different flavour, the dog tin has really delicious shortbread biscuits, the post box double chocolate chip… etc. Fantastic gift choices for your kids teachers and neighbours or for your houshold. You can never have enough pretty storage tins can you? £10-£15 Available in-store and online here


For that someone who is into a lot of things and has everything; In this post I talk about Fela a great musical icon, pioneer of Afro Beats, and all round revolutionary. This is the perfect gift for give someone into music, to enhance their musical library. I found this on Amazon, pricey @ £90+ but they will appreciate it. Fela’s music is rich and fun, educating and invigorating and the world has barely scratched the surface. He lived a colourful life, and on stage was electric to witness. Available here


The girl after my heart; I love prints and illustration, this is a gift for the creative, art lover, or someone with discerning taste. Pardon My Fro is one of my all time favourite websites, fresh to death, fun and fabulous. Her prints are lovely and unique, her point of difference to everything else out there makes this the perfect gift for that particular person, or yourself; tis the season after all so go on and treat yourself. Image from Prints available here 

Gifting- Harry Potter

For the BFFs; Sometimes I struggle to get stuff for my best friends, because we spend so much time in the year together, birthdays, happy days, sad days, and exchange gifts on several occasions come christmas I run out of ideas. But I am fortunate to have friends who are into the same things I’m into; Netflix, books, and Harry Potter. I bought two of my best friends the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Yes I bought one for myself too. Listen why not. Same price in Sainsbury’s and Amazon Available here

Gifting Ben di Lisi cushion copyFor the home buddy, these cushions by Bed di Lisi for Debenhams are a great warm touch for a new home, also for those with an affinity for the Big Smoke and its landmarks. Makes a perfect hostess gift as well. Particularly adorable is this soft wool grey direction cushion. It will perk up any living room or bedroom easily. Available here

Happy Gifting and most especially happy holidays. May the joy of the season be with you and yours.