Paris is always a good idea

One can never grow tired of Paris for it stays with you long after you leave. Time in Paris is always a good idea and time well spent, all that is beautiful and divine. Above ground, the beauty comes right at you. I love going to Paris, love taking in some part of the city I’ve yet to conquer, there’s plenty. When in Paris forget your cares, while away your time, be in the moment, get lost in it.

The cobbled tree lined streets, the arc d’triomphe sitting grandly in the middle of traffic, the Louvre, sacre coeur, strolling along the River Seine, the unbearable crowd at the Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tour…there is nothing I love more about Paris than the Eiffel Tour, as cheesy as it is grand, it epitomises Paris in a way no other monument can. Let the beauty of the city engulf you in all its splendour.

I do believe that nothing is ever quite so ordinary in Paris; on our last day in the city outside the Louvre we saw a man with no hands drawing Disney princesses on the floor, and a couple who just got married taking their picture by the Eiffel Tour. I mean…

Stay; when in Paris I love the 6th, something about Saint Germaine de Pres brings Paris to life for me, its authentic in its offerings, lovely bars, one of my favourite restaurants, and within reach of the touristy bits without being over run by tourists. I stayed at Hotel Baume a pleasant boutique hotel in Odéon, compact but lovely, from the service to the stay. The location is ideal and makes for a pleasant walk around the arrondissement. Its a short hop to the Jardin du Luxembourg, my favourite spot in Paris, and a straight train to Gare du Nord. Absolute convenience. The vibe is friendly and the staff take every care to ensure you stay is spot on. Highly recommended.

Eat; When in Paris dine outside and people watch, its a requisite of being in the city. One of my favourite restaurant is Le Relais d’ L’Entrecôte on Rue Saint Benoit. You always know a great spot when the locals queue up for a table. My sister and I queued for about twenty minutes but it was worth the wait. The menu is simple steak and chips with a home made secret sauce. I reviewed the one in Marylebone here and I quite prefer the one in Paris based service alone. The food is still so good and the dessert is heaven on earth. You must, must go there.

Dessert; is an altogether mighty fine idea whilst in Paris. My sister and I sometimes go to a restaurant and order a bunch of desserts and a bottle of wine, just because we can. Paris is brimming with deliciousness and Maison George Larnicol is right up there. An artisan, for lack of a better word, dessert place in Saint Germain selling macaroons, delicious pots of salted caramel, tasty biscuits and artistic chocolates…no kidding, that porsche is made out of chocolate, as is the grand piano stuffed with macaroons. I know right?!!. They had me at the macaroons, especially the coconut, almond and salted caramel, which in my expert opinion are miles better than Ladurée, maybe throw in Pistachio and berry flavoured one… better still way more affordable; we bought 8 for €4. On the day of our departure we went back and bought a stack load for family back in London but ended up eating it on the train.


Worth a mention, and a try, is L’eclair de Genie, at €5 a pop it is expensive let’s not kid ourselves but its so good I could just about justify it. Another thing we ate on the train meant for friends and family. 🙂

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