#NYFW SS16-Pretty Dresses & Fishermen’s Hats

For the past few seasons, I’ve found fashion week to be a bit mundane, and repetitive, we keep having the same arguments and going round the same circles, New York is too long, London too short and typical, by the time we get to Paris its all so tediously messy, and somewhere along the line we forget Milan. Still, I love a good show and I appreciate the unexpectedly expected delight.

Lauren Conrad. I like love LC, from Laguna Beach to the Hills, Frenemies and heartbreakers… there is something about a woman who knows when its time to leave the party, grow up and get on with living in the real world, and Conrad does. Sure she has been afforded an opportunity unlike most, but she has parlayed that into something more. You only have to wonder where the others are to know she’s a good un. When it comes to style, if there is one thing Conrad knows, its owning her brand down to a fine T. I cannot see a skater dress and not think, this is so LC, or a pretty pastel colour or milk maid braids for that matter. Her world is through rose-tinted glasses, but I like the fact that her graft is there for all to see as well.

Her SS16 collection for Kohls was as dreamy as you’d expect an LC collection to be; pastel, soft, pretty, and romantic. Flouncy dresses, easy pieces that you want to get right into, the cut uncomplicated, style effortlessly delightful. This is not the most artistically acclaimed of collections, we are not spending hours trying to figure out what goes where, with what and how, this is ready to wear as is, straight to your wardrobe. The girl likes tulle, and she works a mean skater silhouette like no other. I love what she did with lace, that playsuit is a summer best seller, the maxis are another favourite, you and all your girlfriends should buy one, and the bustier tulle finale gown sums it all up; pretty, painfully pretty, and super chicly easy. We may have seen it all before but this ticks the box for what we’ll wear, all of it, and isn’t that the point of fashion?

BCBG on the other hand are feeling some kind of way bent out of shape about this fashion thing. Its the only excuse I can come up with for the SS16 collection. Someone please tell me, what the hell is going on here, because I don’t know.

I don’t understand. Did we do something wrong? Who are these clothes for? And are those fishermen’s hats? FISHERMEN’S HATS?! This is a case of too much, much too much; oversize, colours, mis-match, did I see a fishnet top in there and tie-dye? Kill me now at tie-dye. I get it, last few seasons we complained about the sameness and safeness of BCBG, it was all so stilted and unadventurous but I guess they took this literally and threw the baby out in the bathwater because this here is a mess. Talk about overkill, overstyled and overdone. The message was lost in the volume, the colour and the need to be overt or was that on purpose? The silhouette is unfriendly at best, to all and sundry, I may give it a look for the tone but it doesn’t mean I want to leave the house looking like I have ten different things one. Take it all off and start again. These might work better as separates, and I’m sure some are bound to see this as some obscure emo art form my ordinary commercial eyes cannot see, but I am confused, so confused and confounded by what I am looking at, I cannot see anything at all.