Of all the months of the year, September is most fulfilling. Tired old August, for whom the sun never shone, fades away along with memories of the summer that never was. September is the promise of good things to come, endings and beginnings; school starts, holidays end, work resumes. New books, new toys, new tricks, new plays. The heavenly smell of new books, new stories to dig into, mysteries to solve, adventures to go on, and romance to lose oneself in. Longer nights, short days, wrap up warm and hot chocolate. The great Fall TV line-up makes the indoors even more inviting. Fall, its the perfect season, and September its perfect window; golden leaves, clean, fresh air, chunky knits against the skin, nylons and high heels.

September is the month we start to enjoy dressing up again, filled with excitement of the new season; its right and proper, unlike the uninspiring flimsiness of summer, we rejuvenate our wardrobes, refresh our styles and pick a fashion identity. Find new silhouettes and test new lengths, layers and wool coats, heeled boots and trench coats. The long and short of a new hair do, new shades of lipstick and moody nail polish. The look, the feel, its all brand new,

Another thing September brings, wonderful weekends aways, in lovely climates, picturesque landscapes and a dose cultural heritage without the tourists but with the locals. The weather is less of a disappointment, no more sorrow of the rainy summer days, we welcome the rain because she is expected, grey days against golden leaves, brollies at the ready, Wellingtons on the feet.

September, September you lovely little darling.

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