The Fashion Victim

You remember in school when you were the last kid to come in on anything cool, and by the time you did, the other kids already moved on to the next cool thing, which left you forever trying to play catch up? It’s like that for me with music; not to long ago I listened, really listened to the words of Pony Ginuwine…dude! Was that what I was dancing to in the clubs?! Why didn’t anyone tell me? Oh, and just last week I downloaded One Direction’s- what makes you beautiful- and decided they don’t suck as much as I think they suck. They still suck and are full of way too much cheese, but hey-ho teenage girls and what not. There was an episode of Recess where TJ, the coolest kid on the playground and leader of the pack was the last kid in the know of a popular TV program. Everyone, even Randall Whims, was in on it. TJ felt left out so naturally, he spent the evening watching all the episodes he missed and came to school feeling very much a part of the in group, only to realise the kids already moved on to something new. Whomps!

Raybans 1

For a long time I wanted a pair of Ray-ban aviators, I resisted because I felt they were too much of a fashion blogger staple, politician wanna-be-cool requisite, and Tom Cruise. I don’t know what that has to do with anything, but I always felt Ray-ban was a brand associated with someone trying way too hard to be cool, except of course James Dean, the coolest guy who ever walked the face of the earth. So I avoided them, still wanting them but making a conscious effort not to cave in. I lasted a long time. A few months back I found a pair on Le Specs avaitors on the-outnet and immediately bought them, not only were they a third the price of Ray-bans but they are almost exactly the same in shape and style, except in name and colour, these are black, but look almost as cool as the Ray-bans. I bought them and expected them to fill the void of not having a pair of Ray-bans, but the more I saw them, the more I wanted a pair Ray-bans. A few weeks after I bought Le Specs I bought a pair of Ray-ban aviators. When I tried them on the store I didn’t like the fit, they felt smaller than my face, but I bought them anyway because they are Ray-bans! I have wanted a pair forever. Over time, they grew on me, and now I don’t leave home without them.

I get the appeal of Ray-ban, I do, they are indisputably cool and there’s an element, that indescribable something they possess; I cannot put my finger on it, but that’s the beauty of it. They elevate an outfit in so many ways and give everything a wash of cool, very much like a pair of white converse; they do style good. I still wear my Le Specs,  they make everything look good, but they are not Ray-bans.

Yup. I am a fashion victim! Yes, yes I am. And?

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