Brunch with Chuck

A few days ago, I bought my first pair of White converse! I’ve always wanted a pair of white converse you see, I have it in other colours; pink, wine, blue, black…but not in white and every time I see a girl wearing a pair I immediately want one. Well last week my first pair came in the post and it won’t be my last. They are the classic low tops; fresh as hell; smooth, snazzy and ultra chic without even trying at all. I mean they are converse, knock about shoes, its odd that something so, so basic, and I mean that in the normal sense of the word, could be so essential. I wore them out recently and I think I am only ever going to wear white converse for kicks from now on. It goes with EVERYTHING in your wardrobe…I mean errythang, and makes style look so damn easy.

Naturally, my first brunch outfit for the summer is with Chuck. I love a major denim moment, and right now this denim dress is doing it all for me, throw it with some white chucks, add a dollop of classic ray-bans, a leopard print bag, and you’re all set. Easy does it is precisely my staple this summer.

Dress- Zara; Sunglasses- Ray-Ban, Shoe- Converse; Handbag- Givenchy.