Cambridge The Enchanting

There’s a city to the north of London, its quaint and charming, surrounded by a beautiful river, stunning landscape and architectural history. Everybody goes there, but its oddly never crowded, the summers are beautiful, in winter I’d imagine its mystical, in the Spring, glorious, and in Autumn, enchanting. Everything about Cambridge is enchanting.



Sometime last year, I decided it was time I got to know a bit more about towns outside of London as much as possible. Having lived in London I was properly ensconced in the city, hardly leaving it because it was so all encompassing; we never really leave work and when we do, its to go home and log back in…weekends away are rare because there is no time to escape the city; we have little time to see what’s outside our doorstep let alone board a train to another town. Now that I no longer live in London, the weekends are more my own to do as I wish; funny that. Last weekend I took a day trip to Cambridge with two of my lovely friends.


The entry way to St John’s College is the most beautiful sight ever, grand and magical in all its glory.


Cambridge is a city I have always wanted to visit, I’ve heard too much about it; its beauty and history, not to be intrigued, and its only 50 minutes out of Kings Cross via the fast train. A visit was long overdue.


Everyone is on a bike in Cambridge and if you can hire one when there, I would imagine its a lovely way to see the city, and adds to its poetic aura.


That’s  the stained glass window in the chapel at King’s College, the sun was just setting as we walked out after attending the Evensong and it struck a most glorious picture, which my friend captured.


We had the pleasure of being in town during graduation, aaah the memories; bright young things out to take on the world…welcome to the real world graduates, here’s to a bright future.


When in Cambridge look up, look around, peak a little closer, listen; you are walking the words of a most romantic poem. Its a homecoming, the buildings talk to you, whisper sweet nothings in your ears as you wander in and around them. We walked all the way from the station though to the River, popping in and out of colleges and wandering the halls and gardens. When in Cambridge go punting on the River Cam, of course you should, and I hope you have a punter who is as interested in the city as ours was, all the history of the colleges along the river, the rivalries, the reason why there is not a clock in St John’s, to why Magdalene college is pronounced Maudlin…its fascinating.

Oh, and one more thing to do in Cambridge, stay on for the King’s College Choir…beautiful.

There’s a town to the North of London, it’s quaint and charming. It’ll make your heart sigh, a sweet song so enchanting.