Longleat Safari & Adventure Park

What are you doing this summer? Chances are there are lots to do on your list and little time. Its always the way isn’t it? A few weeks back myself and three really good friends took a road trip to the Safari…in Warminster, Wiltshire. I didn’t even know there was a safari in the UK and its drive-thru!

Longleat is set over 900 acres in a private estate, home to the 7th Marquess of Bath sir Alexander Thyn. The first of its kind in the UK, it is home to Lions, Tigers, Giraffes, Sea Horses, Hippos… We were driving amongst zebras and giraffes and tigers! Monkeys climbing all over the car, having a ball. Oh and we got this close to the Rhinos and fed deers, literally from our car with their heads poked in. Its a fun filled day out for the family, friends, young and old There is plenty to see and do in Longleat, places to eat, a museum, adventure parks, riding alongside sea horses. What a day.

You don’t have to eat in the restaurants you can pack a picnic which is what we did, there is plenty of space to eat, lovely views by the pond and plenty of parking space. Out in the wild.

On your way there look out for Stonehenge, that was me done for that.

Roadtripping tunes;

  • Sugar- Maroon 5
  • Spice Up Your Life- The Spice Girls
  • Candyman- Christina Aguilera
  • Change Clothes- Jay Z
  • Dancing In The Moonlight- Toploader    Feelin’ So Good- J-Lo
  • Full Moon- Brandy
  • Get Your Number- Mariah Carey
  • Gimme- Jill Scott
  •  Godwin- Korede Bello
  • Harder Than You Think- Public Enemy
  • XO- Beyoncé
  • I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend- Black Kids
  • Love On Top- Beyonce
  • MMMBop- Hanson
  • Numb/Encore- Jay Z & Linkin Park
  • One Of Those Days- Whitney Houston & Nelly
  • The Rockafeller Skank- Fatboy Slim

Longleat Safari Park, Warminster, Wiltshire | BA12 7NW | 01985 844400  enquiries@longleat.co.uk

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