Eats & Sleeps- Prague

Before I move on from my love affair with Prague, Rome is next on the list, here are two restaurants and a hotel in Prague to eat and sleep in.


Jalta Boutique Hotel Wenceslas Square, it models itself as a boutique hotel but its a little more than, spread over five floors in the iconic neighbourhood of Prague. It is on a commercial strip flanked by other hotels, restaurants and boutiques, and within reach of old and new towns, walkable distance and cobbled roads.

Como restaurant in the lobby is where breakfast is served, is also a good place to have a late evening drink after a day’s wander about town, and enjoy the bustle and flow of Prague go by. I would imagine that anytime you visit the city will be filled with tourists, as it has become one of the most frequently visited cities in Europe but don’t let that deter you.

The service we received at the hotel was impeccable and without fuss. The concierge went through great lengths to make sure we were well catered to, even gave us a good exchange rate for money; my dear sister changed pounds to euros before we left, and you know when she realised the currency is not in fact euros but the Czech Crown, when we were about to take off. Perfect timing. But bless the concierge of the Jalta Boutique Hotels for sorting us out, giving us guide instructions and helping out with our day passes. The rooms are well proportioned in size, with the most divine views day and night, clean, and good food. The decor is simple and modern, and there were apples, bowls of green apples everywhere! I would stay there on my next visit. Its perfect.


There is no shortage of places to eat in Prague, especially in the old town. I sampled a bit of the modern and the traditional, and whilst I preferred the traditional, the modern wasn’t all bad.

Modern; Ginger & Fred’s @ the Dancing House in Prague.

A restaurant with a view and good food. Ginger & Fred’s is in the Dancing House in Prague, a building modelled after two dancers… I must admit I was a bit underwhelmed by the building, it was on my must-see list, and after wandering about the city I thought I’d saved the best for last…but meh. The restaurant however, exceeded expectations. We’d wandered around town for most of the day and needed something to eat. We didn’t have a reservation, but we took a chance, hopped on the elevator to Ginger & Fred. They happily accommodated us even though they were at full capacity. They could tell we weren’t locals, I don’t know, the tourist map might have given us away, but they happily indulged our naivety and talked us through the menu and the beers. You cannot come to Prague and not have a beer…BUT do be warned what they call sweet beer here is not…not even a little bit but its an acquired taste. I’m a sweet tooth but my sister didn’t seem to mind it, dark beer they call it. I had the ginger burger with lamb and my sister had the black beef burger, the bun is black and mine was ginger in colour…don’t ask me how, but it tastes pretty good. I like that they are experimental with food and the flavour stays true, flavours are full and the smooth, and the atmosphere makes for a livelier experience. At the roof top is a bar that has even more stupendous views of the city, sadly, my battery died but a visit to Ginger & Fred’s is surely an experience to remember.

Jiraskovo namesti 6 | Nove Mesto, Prague 120 00, Czech Republic

Traditional; Vkolkovne, Old Town Prague

After our schlep to the museum of art and a wander around the old town, we stumbled upon Vkolkovne by the Spanish Synagogue in the Old jewish Ghetto, owned by the Pilsner brewery, it even looks like a brewery with its gold pipes, red bricks and vault feel. Even the bathroom was slick and rustic and charming. Go figure. The food was a pleasure; I opted for goulash and traditional pancakes… a rare combination but no less tasty, and my sister went for ribs, more ribs than she or I could possibly eat. The portions are too generous. We ate so much we couldn’t possibly eat any more, it was SO GOOD. The goulash started of interesting but I quickly got used to the taste, and the ribs…oh the ribs! the meat fell off the bones, so juicy and damn delicious! Beyond. Dessert elevated me to higher ground with the creamiest ice cream. We washed all that down with a glass of the finest beer… not that I would know what fine beer taste like but everyone was in on the game I couldn’t possibly not join in. The place was packed with locals and tourists alike and such a happy vibe.

V Kolkovne, 8, Prague 110 00, Czech Republic

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