Formentera- The Balearic Paradise

I was going through my pictures when I stumbled upon a few from my brief jaunt to Santa Eulalia. Formentera is an island you access via the ferry in the old town, which is a way away from Santa Eulalia, about £30 tax ride. Although there’s a ten minute stop from the ME hotel, but the ferries depart only in the mornings, which, if you are not suffering from a hangover from the night before is not a bad idea. Still, who wants to wake up early whilst on holiday. The ticket to the Ferry is about 45EUR, I’m sure I could have gotten it cheaper from the ticket office but I jumped not the ferry just as she was about to depart. Its a dreamy ride to the island, surrounded by coves and rocks, and palatial yachts. I am terrified of a large body of water, deathly terrified, but I was having one of those dare devil whilst in Rome days, so I didn’t mind living on the edge a little.

The Island is clean and native, little touristy shops and long walks. Oh and a nudist beach. I wasn’t quite prepared for that but people are free and happy to be as naked as the day they were born without making any bones about it. Men and Women.

There isn’t really much to do on the island but there’s something really blissful and heavenly about it. Its bohemian and beautiful, with little restaurants and cafés, quiet in the day and other worldly at night, with its hippy vibe and bohemian zest. Despite the beach bars, its a break away from the hectic life across the balearic waters. The vibe is laid-back, nothing austere or ostentatious, the pace is easy, quiet but fun and charming. You walk around with your shoes in your hands, hair pulled back, to feel the breeze on your face, a lovely summer dress to feel the soft heat on your skin (don’t forget sub block) Take little with you, hands free everything, you can rent a bike and pedal around the island or just walk it as long as you can. Its a real treasure.