Naomi, Jourdan, Burberry…Heaven

I’ve always been a fan of Burberry, especially under Christopher Bailey; he knows how to put on a good show, has successfully married the brand’s heritage image with his own aesthetic without blurring the lines or alienating the customer base, yet making it fresh and forward, and largely synonymous, but most importantly for me, is an acknowledgement of what most other brands still fail to; fashion is a melting pot of cultures and persons and races; black, white, asian, etc. Burberry has always been at the forefront of this.

The Spring 2015 ad campaign starring Naomi Campbell and Jourdan Dunn is right out of this ball park. British Icons, beautiful, strong women who resonate with me, and many. Who look like me, save for the model aesthetic of course. It speaks a lot about the mentality and the idea of being British; a recognition of the melting pot the UK is, and a celebration of the many, many people from different backgrounds who call this place home. As an offspring of immigrant parents, I absolutely applaud and celebrate this.

And for the fashion; we’ll call that Fierce, with the capital F. As good as it gets and then some more.