Warby Parker; Cool In Winter

I love a good pair of spectacles, I couldn’t ever wear contact lenses because I’m far too impatient to bother with the application I’m afraid I’ll gouge my own eyes out. Frames on the other hand, have a reserved kind of coolness, its almost too sophisticated for any old home body.

Warby Parker is the essence of that kind of cool when it comes to frames, its a mix of the modern, quirky and stylish in perfect and equal doses. With this winter collection they make an even cooler case; a mix of materials, tones and shapes, for most face types, with a play on the elements, woodlands and winter sunshine the collection is both ambitious and complete collection.


Whether you have a penchant for plaid or welcome a touch of frost, there is something in here that’ll work with your look. Even better, Warby Parker give us an alternative to the otherwise common and over priced frames out there, and remains a cut above the ordinary. That is their ethos after all.


Coolness, however, is not the only reason to pick a pair of Warby Parker frames this season, Goodness is another. Continuing with their partnership with 826 to help foster creativity in children, Warby Parker has created new frames; Kidd, in optical and sunglass tones, embodying both 826NYC and 826LA branches. Both options are on sale now. Give a child a book and the possibilities are endless, the folks of Warby Parker know and believe in this. It is why they will sponsor the publication of two books from 826, showcasing works of their students; The Review from 826NYC with a collection of poems, essays and short stories, and The Activity Book from 826LA filled with projects for different age-groups, kids and adult alike, to participate in. Proceeds from sale of the books go back to 826.

It doesn’t get cooler than that really.


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