Scandal S4, Ep 5; The Key

I was right when I suspected last week that this episode will be a slow burn leading to a big, and what I hope will be a dastardly reveal, which will also mean Olivia will be kicking major ass and taking down all the names. Its been a long time since she did that and I desperately, desperately need my girl to get her shit together and get the job done. Which also includes telling Fitz his time is done. The Key made me less jumpy than last season but more curious as to wondering where this will all lead.

The People

Olivia, I still cannot get over this feeling of her being stuck. Everyone seems to take a pop at her and win, and I don’t like that at all. Fitz is stewing in his juice about Jake, its almost pathetic to witness. Papa Pope and Liv are striving for some kind of normal, talking about boyfriends over a glass of wine, it it wasn’t so wrong I’d love this scene because its a rare moment of what both either miss or want from the other. Jake si still under lock and key, being interrogated by possibly the most ridiculous interrogator ever, I mean I could do a better job. Really Bill? Mellie is going for a twofer, smelly and drunk Mellie and having to deal with a cold Fitz. David Rosen is now feeling how the shoe fits on the other foot and its not pretty. Plus its desperate.

The Story;

Something large is going down, and all roads this time leads to Liv. Somehow, someway she is connected to Caitlin’s mother, so we know that story is not pointless, rather, its pertinent. And there is a key that leads to the next clue in this mystery. A key that eventually opens a locker where pictures of Liv are found by Quinn… its all very mysterious.

Olivia now knows Jake is missing and Fitz has him, only the White House and its cohorts are not really Team Liv this time around, everyone is shutting her out and everywhere she turns is a cold shoulder, Abby won’t help and Cyrus is unavailable. When he eventually becomes available he informs Liv that Jake, her other boyfriend is being held for the murder of Lil Jerry and Harrison. He is sick with glee because Jake also killed Jake lest we forget. So her boyfriend is being interrogated by her other boyfriend. Its a mess, a hot mess. I wish Liv would just blow the whole thing out wide open, and take the lot of them down, Fitz, Papa Pope, Cyrus, even David Rosen, maybe even Abby who is feeling high on her kool aid right now. Okay maybe not Red but really Abby? Upon finding all this out, Liv confronts her Papa and he woefully misjudges her because he fails to see the bigger picture; Liv has a hold on Fitz, Papa Pope will never have or understand.

Mellie goes looking for Fitz, but he is nowhere to be seen she immediately jumps to conclusions about his whereabouts because of course she believes he is off between the magical thighs of Olivia Pope. Gawd she’s like a broken record, she has to find a new reason to loathe Fitz because this is way past old, its ancient. Anyhow she goes off on Fitz when he finally returns from interrogating Jake and he throws it in her face what he has been doing whilst she was eating chicken and drankin’. Mellie’s reaction to this news is not what Fitz or any sane person would have had, because she immediately thinks Lil Gerry a soldier to Fitz’s cause as President, it gives it more meaning she believes. She is also very crazy and I finally agreed when Fitz banished her until she gets her senses right. Oh Mellie, you danger gurl.

Jake is hoping to be saved by Liv, its the only thing that keeps him going. Fitz will not release him because he is a threat to him and Olivia, its the same sad cycle with these three. Fitz beats Jake to a pulp because that’s what you do when your girlfriend’s other boyfriend is at your mercy, you know act jerkily. Still, Jake knows nothing he says or does will make a different to Fitz as long as Liv stays in the middle. Still, Jake doesn’t confess because he did not do it. And despite his continued adamance that he is innocent, it falls on Fitz’s deaf ears because where Olivia and Jake are concerned, Fitz is as foolish as foolishness itself.

Elsewhere Huck is trying desperately to meet his son, but his ex-wife, won’t allow it. She threatens to call the cops but Huck doesn’t mind. When she eventually lets him in the house, it is to stage an intervention because she doesn’t believe him to be of sound mind. Huck is broken, its probably the only reason I can stand to see Huck play video games with the little boy. Its the only time we see Huck actually smile and let his guard down and the reason why I can give him a pass from whiling away his time on OPA dime. Let Huck live.

And one more thing,

This business with Catherine, Olivia is the story but what is the story? It obvious this story is a power struggle between Fitz and Jake, Command and Liv, all wanting to outdo each other but at what cost? There has to be a big reveal and by George I hope its worth it because as I said my curiosity is peaked on a major level. Oh Shonda… what is going on?

And David Rosen is beginning to bore life out of me.

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