When it comes to make up, my one must have, must wear, everyday, is liquid liner. I simply cannot live without it. Everyday. It is the reason I am late for meetings, appointments and sometimes work, because I’ve been known to spend half an hour in front of the mirror perfecting the wing on one eye. My record is 30 minutes on that one eye. Forget the meeting, I was late, but my wing action was on point and that is all that matters. After all these years, I still haven’t learnt to perfect my eyeliner, so I need all the help and time that I can get. I have also been known to have sleepless nights because of my eyeliner, why, just two days ago I woke up at 2am and tried to perfect my liner application, which was rather good but come 6am, rushing to make my train and it was all a mess. Life’s a bitch.


The Body Shop Liner; Before this year, my one constant liner was from The Bodyshop, I lived and loved for it, the brush was thick yet precise, and the pigmentation is still very dark and smooth. At £9, and for a basic street brand, it is rather expensive, but that wasn’t why I stopped using this liner, it was because they changed the thickness of the brush. A lesson in if it ain’t broke…I love my liner brushes thick because its easier to apply, as someone who is yet to master the art of the winged tip, this is a very serious issue. Still, its been good.

Eyeko; Eye do and Skinny. I started using eyeko before Alexa Chung came on board, and even then I was very meh about it. Its a tease; all nice and fancy, when you use it the first three times you wonder how you ever lived without it, but then it starts to show its true colours on the fourth attempt. It dries up quickly so the application is uneven you have to go through several attempts to make a fine thick line on your eyes, and its just added waste of time when you are already going on 30 minutes late. Its got good pigmentation, I’ll give it that and it comes off easily when cleansing.

Maybelline Precise; I really wanted to love this one, simply because I am a fan of the falsies mascaras. I thought this would live up to par with that product but I was left feeling disappointed when, not only did it dry up quickly, the application was a bit of a palaver. I thought the precise end would make the flick easier but it didn’t, like the eyeko range, its would take several attempts to achieve evenness, there aren’t enough hours in the day already. Saying that the pigmentation is very dark and it is waterproof.

Rimmel Exaggerate; I love this little beauty. It’s everything my Bodyshop was, exactly. Right down to the fat brush and fat little bottle. The pigmentation is dark and rich, its full bodied on application, be careful not to overdo it, and enables the wing tips, although it still takes me several tries but its a matter of time I suppose. Oy vey. More time I don’t have. This is a best buy and a must have and for £5.99, it beats the Bodyshop by a mile.