Christmas, From Selfridges With Love.

I love a good Christmas window, and I love how the shops get decked up all through the holiday season. Its christmas in London already, normally Christmas never starts for me until the 1st of December when I start counting down until the big day.

Besides my birthday, Christmas is my favourite holiday. The feeling of family just mysteriously fills the air, its infectious. You don’t mind the cold or the tourists outside of Harrods, the crowds in the West-End, everyone rushing around getting last minute gifts. I especially love spotting the husbands in Cartier or Harrods jewellery department getting gifts for their beloved, because they are SO confused its adorable.

I have a big family so we almost always schlep to each other’s houses around the holidays to be together up until the New Year, the three goes up twelve days before, presents under the tree and I even write letters from Santa for my nieces and nephews who don’t know better just yet. Even better are the movies, Lord I LOVE the Christmas movies, God bless Sky Movies Christmas. I hope we have snow this year.

Can you tell? I am excited for the holidays. I popped into central London for lunch with a friend the other day and happened upon the windows of Selfridges, its beginning to look and feel a lot like Christmas. The windows are enchanting. Its a little mishmash in the middle but its a mix of London and diary tales and gifts, and its simply adorable.

IMG_436132544 IMG_436132296

Whilst nothing will ever beat this Harrods Window from last year, it’s a good way to start the holidays.

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