London- Beirut Street Kitchen

One of the best things about working away from central London is that I get to discover all these little gems in corners of the city left untarnished by the masses and tourists, no offence, but there is nothing worse than having to wait a half hour for your lunch because of tourists taking pictures of crowding the joint.

In Richmond, in the little square, opposite Wholefoods is a small cafe, Beirut Street Kitchen. I only discovered it about a month ago despite working the area for a little over four months now. I am a creature of habit when it comes to my palette I like to know that I am going to enjoy my food so I eat only what I trust, Thai or something home-made, mostly rice. But on the rare occasion that my buds have a hankering for something different I have no problems venturing outside my comfort zone. This day, I was in the mood for a walk on the culinary wild side. Enter Beirut Street Kitchen.

The place is run by a family, father, sons and a cousin, they make the cutest group. The food is fresh, and lip smackingly good. I’ve had wraps before but something about fresh ingredients and seeing it made before your eyes, in a stone fire oven makes it all the better. My go to, is the lamb wrap, garnished in mint yoghurt, and a bit of salad. Get a load of the goodness. I’ve heard the chicken is pretty good too. Now, let’s talk about the Baklava in this joint because…WOW!! If you read my post on Marilyn Moments and Baklava tales you’ll know that I would do almost anything for sweet treats, go anywhere. Beirut Street Kitchen sell the best tasting Baklava I have ever eaten and trust me when I say, I have tasted A LOT. They have a good selection, and each on as heavenly as you would expect. There is a seating area upstairs and outside, so next time you are in Richmond, forget those fancy cafés and sushi joints, hot tail it to the Beirut Street Kitchen because you won’t regret it.

Beirut Kitchen- 7 George Street, Richmond TW9 1HU. Monday-Friday 8am-6pm; Saturday 8am-8pm; Sunday 10am-6pm.

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