London- Monday Evening at Mason’s

Fortnum and Mason that is.


One of the best things about not living in London is getting to see London in a whole new light. Discovering places that were right outside your door, and meeting old friends in new places. I miss London for its familiarity, but I love it even more now for its newness. It feels warm and friendly, and just before it start getting snarky, I bid it goodbye. Its fun.

Now Mondays, on the other hand, are mostly no fun. Throw in Mercury in retrograde, a rainy, grey Monday and you have a shit storm of a day really. And after a long hard day Monday at work, all I want to do is go back home, soak myself in a warm bath, jump into bed, and get lost in a good book or do some writing before falling asleep and dreaming of a better Tuesday. Last Monday however, I took a detour from my regularly scheduled Monday night programme of doing nothing, and traipsed into London for wine and a catch up with one of my very best darling friends. We hadn’t seen each other in months, leaving London would do that to you.

With the rain being a bitch and not much happening on a Monday night, Fortnum and Mason was convenient for the both of us. I have only been into Fortnum & Mason once in my whole life in London, I know! A travesty! Right?! It was a quick dash in and out to pick up pre ordered hampers. But this time, I took my time and had a good look around the place, the ground and lower ground floor where 1707, the cosy wine bar is situated.

Going into Fortnum & Mason is like going into a really wonderful stately, but homely home, its warm, and comforting, and filled with all your favourite things. Its a luxury department store that doesn’t look ostentatious or snobbish. You know one of those places that looks like you cannot touch the merchandise, Fortnum & Mason is not that kind of place. Its inviting.

I couldn’t stop oohing and aahing at everything I saw, every turn I took, looking up and looking down, and wondering why I haven’t even been in there more than once. I cannot wait to go again.

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