Need I say more. We are now in Autumn proper, maybe even dancing on the cusp of winter and we are in need of coats. Every season without fail I struggle to find the right coat, I know exactly how it should look like but I can never seem to find it. Its right there in my head; black midi length trench style black wool coat, with a leather belt. If you happen to know where I can get one, please help a sister out. For now let’s see what’s on offer.

Prints and Patterns

Coats- Prints and Patters

Whether in check, tartan or abstract print, there is much versatility to be had here, and this will not hold your wardrobe to ransom for the season. Especially charming is the Eudon Choi coat, the navy tartan and black mix is just the right amount of everything you need in a coat.

Collared and Shapeless

coats- collared and shapeless

This is a tricky one to master, it needs a certain something, a punch, because of the unflattering shape, but some are better off than on and its saving grace is the exaggerated collar. I can vouch for that grey H&M one, its lovely on and at £24.99, run don’t walk or go online.


coats caped

I have come to appreciate a good cape coat, I still have an issue with the arms but when a cape is good, it does wonders for an outfit. Its that air of mystery and old worldliness, and it takes a certain person of a certain style to pull this off. This may be the season where I find myself one step closer to getting a cape. Dame Viv makes a good case for needing one and that Valentino number is as cape-like as they come. Sherlock Holmes anyone?


coats- leather

What can I say? Its a leather jacket, you need one. Everyone needs a leather jacket because when is a leather coat or biker jacket not a good call? Never. Invest in one soon, and you’ll be thankful for it.


coat- statement

And then there are some coats that need an audience and command attention. It doesn’t come more ridiculously awesome than that Valentino cape. Look at it! It looks like it was made with Mariah Carey in mind, and it costs just £13,000 darling… 😉 I would never spend that much on a coat but by golly, it gives me reason to look at it and shake my head and laugh in wonder. Oh Fashunz. On safer but no less dramatic ground, is the gingham Gazinskaya coat though, Jessica Rabbit eat your heart out. The McQueen’s not bad either.