Brunch- Flares For Fall

We are in the swing of things over this side of the atlantic, Autumn has made her arrival known. Don’t be deceived by the sun shining outside, get your Autumn Winter closets ready. I love a good pair of flares jeans, skinny jeans are what they are, but flares come with their own party. Throw in a sweater, hat, gloves, coat, we’re all set. It isn’t as cold to warrant the full winter garb but its cold enough for sweaters and a blazer at least. By the way, when did monk shoes become a thing? Because they are about to become a staple in my wardrobe; gosh the 90s all over again.

But where were we? Brunch to run errands, and a stop over with friends this is the perfect ensemble, its comfortable and stylish and that hat tops it off nicely. In this we shall eat and reminisce about the summer holidays, laugh until we are light and make plans for the coming season.

1. Sweater- Jonathan Saunders. 2. Hat- Stella McCartney; 3. Jeans-JBrand; 4. Shoulder Bag- Chloe; 5. Monk Shoes- Chloe

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