Coccinelle- A Distinguished Simplicity

My first part time job was in McDonald’s, I lasted about two weeks because even though  I’m a huge foodie, working in a restaurant did not appeal to me. Especially on a busy Saturday afternoon, shout out to all the waiters and waitresses working it through rush hour saturday. Fast forward a few years later and many more, not quite me jobs- I’m a terrible telemarketer- I got another part time job in a little store in Knightsbridge, the then Beauchamp Place now H&M. Ahh more me. The shop was Senso and they sold women’s accessories; some of the most amazing shoes I have ever seen, and will never see again. This was where I got serious love jones for shoes.

Senso was outside of the mainstream, sandwiched between Harrods and Harvey Nics and opposite Patrick Cox and a rolex shop. The customers were well heeled and real style experts, Senso was the little kept secret so to go there would mean you knew your stuff, our customers normally did. The merchandise was the stuff of dreams; see that shoe, yeah that was IXI another italian brand, sexy and senseless but I had to have her. Snake skin and satin with steel heels don’t come better than that, for real though. I’ve only worn it twice.

Anyway, back to Senso and its brands; I learnt about niche brands and small businesses, and the benefit of a particular aesthetic; nothing we stocked was anywhere else, and everything was unique. CoSTUME National and Coccinelle were two of my favourites brands; each month I’d go home with meagre earnings after deductions from purchases made. Coccinelle in particular, got a hefty part of my paycheque, a contemporary-luxurious Italian brand with the most lush leathers I’ve ever felt.


Coccinelle is a quietly luxurious brand. Nothing is ever ostentatious or hard work, made to perfection, so to speak. Rare and refined and so finely crafted. When it comes to accessories, brands can get a little carried away but Coccinelle manages to walk that fine line ever so well; simple without being boring, they often always get it right; size, fit, style, etc.


As women, we want our fashion relatively uncomplicated especially when it comes to accessories; convenience is key. Practicality without the sacrifice in style. Few brands understand this golden rule, even fewer execute it well. Coccinelle has all those bases covered. Its a distinguished simplicity.

Stores across London, Brompton Rd, Fenwick, House of Fraser, and an outlet in Bicester Village