Two Men On Board A Train…

The world hasn’t gone to shit yet, all hope is not lost. We are going to be okay. How do I know? Because we are human beings, we feel, we behave, we misbehave, we grow, we learn. We change.

menYesterday I was on the train from work home, everyone in that carriage must have had a hard day because the faces were long and unfriendly, but I don’t think anyone had it harder than this particular guy who was downing his second can of Strongbow beer by the time I joined the train. Mind you it only came from Victoria, five minutes away, give or take. Another man sat behind him, reading and minding his own business. He shut the tray adjoined to the chair in front of him and it closed with a loud clap, as the trays on the Brighton express normally do. The man in front, no doubt slightly inebriated, immediately turned round, and gave an irritated tsk. An exchange  ensued and threats were made.

“I’ll see you in Brighton.” the tipsy man said.

The other guy scoffed, and said nothing more, I suppose in excuse for his behaviour under the influence.


About ten minutes later, the tipsy man turned back round and said, “can I apologise? I’ve been an absolute twat. Had a long day, not your fault and I have taken it out on you. I’m very sorry.”

‘Hey mate, we all have long days, no worries at all.’ The other guy said.

Handshake. The end.

As human beings we are not perfect, none of us are, none of us ever will be, we act like jerks but its harder to admit to being one. This gave me hope.

Like I said, we are going to be just fine.

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