Merlot 8- Bobbi Brown

When it Photo-246comes to make up I am a novice, and pretty boring, so by no means should you place any authority on what I say, except of course I say it so convincingly… lol. And when it comes to lip glosses, I am a woman who sticks to a formulae, rarely walk on the wild side, that wild side being a different shade. I am a pink woman through and through, in thousands of shades but in the same family, you get me. Buying a different colour, from a different fa


mily, is me walking on the wildest side.

Enter Bobbi Brown Merlot 8 to take me right out of my comfort zone and throw me deep into the wild west.


I’d seen this lip colour months before, had a play with it, but couldn’t commit to buying it, because it was not a shade I was comfortable with; Pink. You got it. Then one rainy afternoon fate intervened when I left my brolly at home and had to take shelter in the beauty hall of Selfridges, which almost bankrupted me. I cannot imagine what this must be like for a beauty blogger. Whilst meandering in the hall I stopped by the Bobbi Brown make up counter, instinctively picked up the Merlot 8 lip gloss, and walked up to the counter to buy it. As if the girl behind the counter knew I was green, she asked me if I’d tried it on. I told her I did, months ago. She insisted, friendly, that I try it on again, to make sure I loved it, because, lets face it, £18 on lip gloss is not cheap. Never mind that I’ve spent almost twice that on Tom Ford. Call me mental, I am. I was also pleasantly surprised by her attention because my initial experience with Bobbi Brown counter in Selfridges was not that pleasant. Worse though, is MAC, where you almost have to beg to be served. Anyway, I digress. She placed me in a stool and applied it on me ever so diligently, whilst making conversation, and wouldn’t you know it, I ended up loving it much more than I did initially.


Merlot 8 is a rich, nicely balanced chocolate, light in texture, and a fresh minty scent that makes you go oooh Suki! I normally mix it with said Mr Ford or with brown lipstick. I’m so sold its have become one of my staples.