Brunch- Last Days of Summer

Every year we often complain about hardly having a summer but I think this is one year where such complaints has rings of truths. Blink and you missed the summer. The wind is starting to cut a fine chill in the UK, layers are now being introduced and talked about when it comes to fashion, I even heard several people use “fall” and “autumn”. Worse, several have mentioned halloween. Its August and I refuse to be swayed in such a way. It is early, too early to start talking about layering. My coats have started to walk out of the closet of their own accord, as if demanding to be worn… I won’t give in. But I will however, acknowledge that summer is almost at an end, what little of her was around that is, and this is brunch in acknowledgement of that. If you want to go with a cardigan I would suggest grey or blue but in defiance, I am not. The white shirt and the boyfriend jean are the point of reference here, two staunch allies and wardrobe shot callers when it comes to staples and investments really. If your wardrobe is without one or the other, or both, it is lacking so please see to it that this is fixed. Everything else is mainly a suggestion; the statement necklace this one is from pichulik, South African rope jewellery brand and one of a kind, Stella McCartney sunglasses in rust or is that orange? Either way, its a pleasant colour for this ensemble. Bold face watch from Olivia Burton adds androgyny laced femininity… its a thing. Gold pointy flats; where we were before pointy flats I will never know but I am glad we are no longer there. Cap it all off with the the sac shoulder bag from YSL; this one small and snappy, gets right to the point of the outfit; we are seeing off summer at our very own pace. So put that in your pipe and smoke it Mother Nature.

1. White Shirt- MiH; 2. Necklace- Pichulik; 3. Sunglasses; Stella McCartney; 4. Watch- Olivia Burton; 5. Boyfriend Jean- J Brand; 6. Shoulder Bag- YSL; 7. Gold flats- Nicholas Kirkwood

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