Fifty Shades of Grey- The Trailer

Its here!! It’s here!! IT IS FINALLY HERE AND I LOVE IT!! 

It was a long time coming but the wait was well worth it. I’d heard tidbits that the trailer was rather swish still, I was nervous for it come out because of the very intense split opinions out there for Fifty Shades of Grey.

Listen, its no great work of literature, it was never billed as such, its just a love story with a kinky twist and its an easy read. If it’s not for you though, then its not for you, quit getting worked up over it people. It’s easy to get sidetracked by the sex, of which there is plenty, and in a bit of detail, the simple language, Ana’s rather irksome inner goddess etc. but if you can stick through all that, at the heart of it, is a good story. E.L. James made the cult, mainstream, even though there were other writers of the genre, NONE has been able to place it on the map as she has. FACT. Besides, its not easy writing a book; she wrote three for her debut, sold millions, translated in 52 different language so…just chill. K.

Back to the trailer, I love mystery of it, the coolness and that cold Grey feeling, all pun intended. And that intense single breath at the end heightens the suspense factor. Some still think Dornan unfit to play Christian Grey, but I disagree. I wasn’t big on Hunnam and you know my preferred choice was Josh Hartnett, but I’m very happy with Dornan’s casting. Bar the clean shave in the trailer, he is absolutely right for the role; he’s a rare kind of talent, indie, and you can’t really pin point it, but there is something about Jamie Dornan that makes him appealingly distinguished.

I wasn’t a huge fan of Dakota Johnson, simply because she was forgettable, but after seeing the pictures from the set and now the trailer, she may not be my first choice because I’m biased as hell in favour of Alexandra Daddrio, but damnit she brings Ana to life. She is naive enough, dainty enough, and unusual enough, in a sense. She’s a dark horse and I’m convinced she will most certainly hold her own.

This trailer is pretty damn good and I cannot wait for the movie. WATCH!!