The Summer Wardrobe

It’s officially summer, so what are we wearing? Clothes. I know…duh. Summer is a tricky season for most. In Autumn and spring you know you are layering light, in the winter you’re bulking up, but for summer you want something light without having to risk going naked because its so hot. You still want to look cute without breaking a sweat. Summer dressing is all about striking the right balance; boobs or legs, never both. A little cut out here, a little slit there, spaghetti straps and silk… as mama says, everything in moderation. So what’s in the wardrobe this summer season…


The Summer Wardrobe- Dresses

A failsafe and wardrobe constant. If you don’t wear dresses, I don’t understand you… I mean I don’t get it. From sporty to elegant, sleeves and sleeveless, stripes and prints and even sexy lingerie dresses, I love the range on offer for summer and it seems us thick girls have gone into the thought process.


The Summer Wardrobe- Skirts

I’ve recently come to understand the appeal of a good skirt, its only about precision and fit. Skirts can be tricky to pull off but its also a matter of confidence I suppose. I’m one of those fidgety people so I am forever trying to movie the waist or fix the length or something but this summer here’s hoping I strike the right balance in a flirty fun skirt.


The Summer Shorts

I still don’t have the legs for shorts but I do appreciate a good pair of shorts. I’m more of a clean cut lover; none of those raggedy denim cut off with the tongues. In utility, in print, slick denim and in too cute lace.


The Summer Wardrobe- Tops

I don’t know when, I don’t know how, I don’t even know why, but crop tops have become a fashion mainstay… at least for the season. I get it. I didn’t, but now I do, there is something about a crop top that works with a look. It almost any kind of look really, even better it seems generous with any body kind. There is no wrong way to work a crop- high waisted skirt, high waisted shorts, pants, etc. Mostly high waisted because it lends a dash of class to the look. So here’s to the crop. But if you’re not feeling the crop there’s always the classic linen shirt, a slinky top or something nice and not so basic.


The Summer Wardrobe- Playsuit Jumpsuit

I mean… need I say more? The wardrobe MVP for all seasons really, the jumpsuit is forever and ever. Its a thing about ease and comfort, that one piece you don’t have to fuss with.

Cheers to the summer.

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