Derek Jeter- RE2PECT

In all my life I’ve watched maybe two games of baseball, besides sports movies, and until I met my friend Valerie, @vogueandcoffee, on twitter, I didn’t really know much about the sport. I still don’t know an awful lot, but from what little I’ve learned one thing remains constant- Derek Jeter is one hell of a guy and baseball player. I love it when sports stars are honoured for their talent on and off the pitch/court/track/field/wherever. They get a lot of grief because they are one of the more powerful role models in society, simply because sports is one of the most, if not the most powerful unifier f people, regardless of sex, culture, race, religion etc. And as much as we give them grief when they misbehave, it is only fitting that they be saluted when they impact us, in anyway, for the better.

Derek Jeter, Shortstop for the Yankees, plays his final All Star game for the team on the 15th of July 2014, and in acknowledgement, Jordan has released this commercial with fans, famous and non-famous, rivals and supporters, tipping their caps in a show of respect to the man most call one of the greatest of all time. That alone, earns him maximum respect. Hats off to you Number 2.

(Shortstop- the player in the defensive position between the second and third base, no not those bases, get you mind out of the gutter. He is the playmaker so to speak)

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