Zashadu- A Sustainable Cool

There is nothing I love more than a handbag, which I am sure you know by now, and whilst I am a sucker for Marc Jacobs, McQueen etc. I love stepping off the beaten path and discovering a handbag designer with a collection after my own heart. Few things make me as happy. Zashadu is such a brand. Brain child of Zainab Ashadu, she has a keen eye for understated luxury and a clean aesthetic. The look is easy on the eye- solid construction softened with leathers and exotic skins, but the finish goes beyond simplicity. There is nothing to distract from the fact that these handbags are not only supremely made, but uncomplicated in style too. She marries architecture with fashion in a flawless way- sharp lines smoothened by cool shapes, with a gracefully brazen aesthetic.

Sustainable luxury is a guiding principle for the brand; the bags are responsibly made from ethically sourced materials in Lagos, using generational techniques and made by a team of local artisans, so it embodies that mission statement. A testament that life need not be compromised in the name of style. I like that. A lot. In my opinion, this is right up there with the Kellys of the world. And it’ll set you back some but its a worthy buy.

Zashadu is an up and coming brand, founded in 2010, but with longevity already intrinsic in its DNA, and a unique formula and approach to the craft. Zainab is a Lagos based designer but stocks in boutiques Wolf and Badger in Notting Hill, in-store and online at