DKNY Ramadan Capsule Collection

dkny ramadan copyWhen a brand knows it customer it shows. When a brand believes its bottom line goes deeper than just dollar signs, you can easily tell. This is an example of a brand that appreciates and celebrates the diversity of its customers, understands their cultural identity and sensitivity, and pays homage by tailoring the brand to her lifestyle. I love everything about the new DKNY Ramadan collection. Along with its newly launched middle eastern website, the brand furthers its reach with this capsule collection that attunes itself not only to the holy month, but also pays respect without compromising on style or signature.

DKNY RAMADAN CAMPAIGNMiddle Eastern style influencers Yalda Golsharifi and Tamara Al Gabbani front the campaign shot in Dubai by Saeed Al Khalifa. It is rare that a brand take such a specific approach but in this case, Donna Karan gets it just right. The looks are infinitely refined and effortlessly cool, conservative with a solid fashionable slant, but what I love the most about this is that the message is not lost in translation- its as personable as it is fashion- the girls talk about what Ramadan means to them, you get a sense of their personal style, but that DKNY laid-back, street-chic signature is apparent even with a reserved propriety in silhouette.

As my friend, Farah Vayani, said to me, Ramadan is a time to connect with God, to spread positivity to the world. How you do it, is between you and God, but a little style never hurt.

Ramadan Mubarak, to all who observe.


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