GoT- S4- Finale, The Children

got s4 tywin

When it comes to the Game of Thrones finale, we often don’t know what to expect, whether its going to be bloody or live us with room to breathe out sighs of relief, with George R.R. Martin you just never know. Who will die or who will survive, what will become of the characters we have loved all season long? Well we know what became of Oberyn as it is, I don’t know what I will be able to visit the dentist again.

This finale was really good, really, really good, and in my opinion the best finale of the series so far. A lot of things were resolved and new story lines revealed. It left us wondering but it also gave us cause for some celebration…of the sort. There was continuity is some parts and resolution in others, a resolution that was slow coming all season long. And with some characters, we are still left in limbo.

Daenerys, I don’t know what she is up to, I don’t know what her game plan is at this point. Does she want to take the iron throne or does she just want to go around freeing slaves? I’m getting increasingly bored with her storyline at this point. What’s the deal? The big thing between herself and Jorah happened and in this episode she chains up her dragons for killing a child but that was all there was to her. Is this all there is to her in the books?

got s4 finale

I hated the parting of ways between The Hound and Arya, I’ve become very fond of them, and they had a bond, whatever his attitude towards her The Hound was protective of her and he died trying to protect her. She doesn’t know better about Brienne and judging by the fact that people she trusted have let her down, we cannot blame her so much. I do wish it didn’t play out like that, I would’ve loved to see her with Brienne. I guess the Hound and the runaway’s story had to end somehow but it was the saddest of endings. Arya refuses to kill the Hound despite his name being on her list, and despite him begging her to do just that, she wouldn’t. Instead she takes his bag of money and boards a ship to Bravos. Valar Morghulis, but the Hound’s death won’t be at her hands.

Jon finds Mance Rayder and proceeds to make nice with him, Mance gives him his terms and they drink to Ygritte… I do wonder about Ygritte’s roots with the Wildling; where did she come from? I suppose I shouldn’t really care about that now that she’s dead but I can’t help but wonder what her connection to Mance is. Whilst Jon is making nice with Mance they are rudely interrupted by Stannis and his newly acquired army. Mance doesn’t stand a chance so he yields but he will not kneel to Stannis, king or no king, and it is Jon Snow who saves his life when he suggest Stannis take Mance for prisoner rather than kill him. Jon 1 Mance 1. Even. But the interesting thing was that look between Melisandre and Jon Snow over the fire. What does it mean? Ugh I need to read the books.

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Bran and his pose got the end they deserved but not without sacrifices, Jojen Reed leaves us and his sister continues on the journey. They finally meet the three eyed raven, who is not really a raven, at the Wierwood tree and we meet the Children who help them escape those zombie skeleton. We know the next step for Brandon, he will not walk again but he will fly. I’d like to see how that plays out. For most of the season I have been bored of Bran’s story because it hasn’t really gone anywhere until the last few episodes. What use will his new power be to those who follow him? How does it tie into the rest of the story? And who would it be of use to? And what does the three-eyed Raven man have to do with Bran? Why Bran? Does he have a bigger role in the lives of the Starks. I suppose we will learn all these next season.

Cersei lets Tywin in on a little secret of her and Jaime, all this time and no idea that his children were incestuous… but she lays it all on him, that is her trump card if he makes her marry that Tyrell fella. Tywin calls her bluff but he knows better. Cersei, drunk on the power of standing up to her father, goes to Jaime and tells him of what just transpired between them, and then incestuous sex ensues, all the while Jaime knows what he must do to save Tyrion.

The story of Tyrion and Jaime is one I find endearing, without Cersei their relationship would have been much stronger but it goes a long way to redeeming Jaime in our eyes. He frees Tyrion and has arranged for him to get away from Kings Landing but Tyrion has other plans. Papa Lannister. Who should he he find in his father’s chamber? Shae… of course he kills her the stupid cow. ‘I’m sorry” he says. Really Tyrion. Then he goes in search of his father who he finds in the crapper…killed whilst taking a dump. lol. I wonder how that song would go. With the help of Varys, Tyrion is sailing off to pastures new, as is Varys once he hears the bells ringing, knowing his friend has done something terrible. According to the book readers, so much more happens that leads to this moment and there is more to the story of Tyrion with his father.

So there you have it, a good end to a very good season. I liked the pace of this season, I like the story lines, the new characters, and I suppose Oberyn needed to die for us to go to Dorne next season. The debasing of women and sexual violence was much though, we could’ve done without that, it wouldn’t have taken anything away from the story because it didn’t add anything and it was uncomfortable to watch.

What happened to Theon and Ramsey? I would really like someone to kill Ramsey, Theon preferably because Ramsey is tuning out to be the mini Joffrey, I don’t even know who is more sinister.

Whatever happened to Rickon and Osha? Are they just wondering Westeros?

Oh and Lady Stoneheart, aka Catelyn Stark, was supposed to return from the dead and it didn’t happen much to the ire of some fans. I supposed I would’ve loved to see her return simply because I loved her character and she was badass. Will she be here next season… the wait is killing me.