Brunch- The World Cup

Okay, except you have been living under a rock the world cup is on and popping, its summer, and everything is all go. If you’ve been watching the matches you would have shared the highs, the lows, the hmmm, and the arghhh!! This is brunch with everyone, out in the garden, big screen tv, barbecue going, the works. This outfit is perfect because we are going to be pigging out big time- beers, pizzas, pimms and champagne, cakes, chicken, of course there will be chicken… lay back and enjoy. The baggy tee, yes please, the draw string pants, essential, Ray-Bans of course, and Birkenstocks- I live and love in my Birkies, they may be the second ugliest shoes known to mankind, (Crocs are the ugliest effing things ever invented) but they are a world of comfort at your feet and the perfect summer schlepping shoe.

It doesn’t matter that you don’t know what the offside rule is, no one really does, and forget about how or why anyone got awarded a penalty, just yell goal every time you see ball goes in the back of the net, doesn’t matter what team. Except of course your team is playing. England is out, surprise, surprise…NOT so I’m rooting for any team that is kicking major A…

No make up needed, hair pulled back, sunscreen please. Lean back and let go.

1. Oversized Tee-shirt- Victoria Beckham; 2. Sunglasses- Ray Ban; 3. Slouchy joggers- CLU; 4. Sandals- Birkenstocks.