Brunch- Festival

I am not a festival going person, I don’t understand the appeal, can’t do the crowds, the mush pit, I hate the fact that you can never see the acts on stage or properly hear the music. Loathe the stink of so much weed in the air laced in with body odour. And I most certainly will not do tents. So, if you ever catch me at a festival know that I would be there under duress, a gun would’ve been held to my head and I would’ve been dragged there kicking and screaming, but I’ll also only be there for my very best friends, I mean not for free, there would be promises and oaths made, a Hermés Kelly bag, a child even…

As for festival style of the un-festive or uninitiated, maxis are forever not just for summer and it’ll be pretty, none of that tassel hassle fringe mess for me. Dainty jewellery understated and complementary. Of course I’d throw on a kitschy bag, this one if I could afford it, but any one would do because that’s just how we do. Ray Bans, because no festival attire is complete without one I suppose and the distressed boots because there would be no sense in getting my pedicure all ruined. But, like I said, if you ever see me at a festival some day, someone put a gun to my head.

What would we even eat?!

1. Maxi-MSGM; 2. Necklace- Ashley Pittman; 3. Sunglasses- Ray Ban 4. Shoulder bag- Charlotte Olympia; 5. Ring- Arme de L’amour; 6. Boots- Isabel Marant