Lindfield Village

Its getting hotter over here in the UK, blue skies, sunshine, birds and butterflies. After months of putting everything in place at the new space in Sussex and settling into my home proper, a sojourn into the surrounding villages was long overdue. Lindfield, named many times as the “best kept village in sussex” (it even had to withdraw one year to give the other villages a chance) and about a mile north of where I live,  was as good a place to start.

Lindfield, meaning open land with lime trees, is one of those villages that would best be described as a homely town or a blissful getaway. Its as glorious to live in, I would imagine, as it is to visit I can confirm. There is such a beauty to it, with the old buildings, cottages, pond and parks, it immediately feels welcoming. There’s Humphrey’s the local bakery that makes reeeeallly good donuts, a proper butchers, The Church House, a red brick building with white shutters and high chimneys, is one of the oldest buildings in the village, it leads up to the village parish, All Saints Church, tracing back to 1098. King Edward House, opposite the pond, has stood there since 1911 and serves as something of a community centre.

Bonfire night is a pretty big deal in Lindfield, most of the residence partake in the procession, complete with light torches and effigy of Guy Fawkes. Its a quiet town but not a sleepy one, and in the winter I would imagine it to be just like a postcard. Picture perfect.