Mansur Gavriel- The Bucket List

When it comes to handbags I’m a girl that pretty much knows what I want- hobo or soft leather, pebbled sometimes, a little rough around the edges and malleable. Sometimes I may take a stroll on the periphery but I will always come back to my staple points. In that sense, most of my handbags have the same shape. I’ll give a new shape a try in a cheaper version to see if upgrading to a more upscale brand in the same shape would do me any good, most of the time, not really.

Now bucket bags on the other hand are a different kettle of fish, you either love them or you hate them and those that love them, really do love them. Those that loathe them, absolutely do loathe them. I am or was or still am in the latter… I suppose I am half in and half out considering I own a DVF bucket bag in chocolate. Granted I hardly carry the bag, I hardly even see her to carry her. She may have even been a drunk buy…hmmm. Bucket bags are impractical and a distraction, the strap can be awkward, versatility is near zero and you know how I like a versatile bag, the shape…I wouldn’t say its ugly but its less than pleasing to look at and its a very mom bag. Ya know.

But there is a new (ish) bucket bag on the block that has girls going gaga. Over the past year Mansur Gavriel has been the name on almost everyone’s lips when it comes to handbags and I would imagine on every other person’s arm, which may not make it so endearing in the long run; Law of Diminishing Returns- hype eventually usurps interest and before we know it we have a Kors Hamilton situation on our hands where you are six degrees of separation from the next Hamilton toting person. That being said I find myself at a cross roads with the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag; I like it, I don’t know that I love it, I certainly don’t hate it. This is a pretty cool bucket bag, the leather is fine and solid, a winning combination when it comes to accessories and you can immediately tell a lot of thought has gone into its construction, it has a very sound structure, its very minimal- absolutely no embellishments, clean but with an element of fun with its colourful interior and the quality is top drawer. It still has that awkward strap and the drawstring closure takes several points away from this bag. If there is one thing I loathe its a bag that leaves you feeling vulnerable, a bag that demands your attention half the time, that leaves you on edge and makes you jumpy and that, my friends, would be the drawstring. It’s just not secure hence it will absolutely not compensate.

Whilst I am not in a rush to include this on my bucket list, if I were to buy another bucket bag this would be it; for all its cons aforementioned there is something about it that I can’t just seem to let go of and THAT’S always the key to a great handbag; that indescribable something, or as the French would say, je ne sais quoi