Brunch in Overalls

OMG! Remember when overalls were the forbidden fruit of fashion? When people turned up their noses at them? When they were relegated to gardening attire for grandmas, never to been seen in out of the four walls of the home? Remember when you last wore overalls? Possibly when you still had braces and Dora the Explorer was pretty rad. I remember my last overalls I wore them when I was twenty-five and I still have them in hopes that I may still fit into them. Yes I love overalls. Always have, always will.

In that respect this is a marmite-y post.

Just like that, when you were all busy freaking out over who was on the cover of Vogue, overalls came out of obscurity and have taken over the world… or some part of it. I understand the allure of overalls; they are easy clothes, unfussy, one piece and boom its all taken care of. Its the crocs of clothes, in a sense, because its so unfashionable and, lets be honest, ugly, but there is something about it, the ease, comfort, lackadaisical attitude perhaps, that gives them an edge over crocs. Or maybe I’m just biased. Either way, we are having brunch in overalls. I love Frame denim’s take with the skinny trend, I would imagine it would be a lot less offensive to the cognoscenti, that tee from Zoe Karssen says it all though…lol. Driving moccasins from Tod’s for all the comfort. The sheltered island colour block tote bag from Marc by Marc or MbMJ, or whatever, is one of my favourites for the season, its got that something old something new vibe which I love. And thank goodness for the sun, any excuse to throw on some massive sunnies.


Welcome back old friend.

1. Skinny overalls-Frame denim; 2. Tee-shirt- Zoe Karssen; 3. Sunglasses- Cutler and Gross; 4. Handbag- Marc by Marc Jacobs; 5. Shoes- TOD’s

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