Bottoms Up- Bulmers Mixers

Lets pop some bottles for Spring why don’t we?! Because tis the season to lounge in the garden, gather people around, put shrimp on the barbie. Its here, its finally here.

And Sainsbury’s have just what you need to get the good times going; Bulmers Cider. I’ve never been a lover of cider but I thought I’d give this a shot because the flavours sound so inviting; berries, cherries, grapes… sold and sold. I grabbed a few cases and a party of four immediately turned to a party for twenty odd with people calling people, calling other people…

Fruits, you’ll need fruits, apples, lemons, berries, strawberries, maybe some raspberries, one lime. Chop ’em, dice ’em, slice ’em, toss ’em in a pint glass, some ice cubes or crushed ice, pop your bottles, pour, voila. Cheers people.


Whilst the alcohol content is not strong enough to make you go over the edge, its still alcohol so drink responsibly, don’t drink and text, don’t drink and drunk dial, do not dink and make an arse of yourself… on a serious note please do not drink and drive.

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